Be still and know that I am God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I am The Great I AM, and I am your Heavenly Father.

The world will grow in darkness during this time of recompense, reversals, removals, and restorations. The world will be in confusion and chaos. The destruction and loss will be great. My children that are perfected in their faith will not be moved nor distracted with anything being brought forth by their enemies. No, their enemies are weak and getting weaker by the day. They are putting on this big show, but there is nothing left behind their curtains but fear and destruction. All they have is smoke and mirrors. Their power is being entirely stripped from them, and they will have nothing left.

After I move against them, they will have nothing left to use to control you. Nothing, just like pharaoh had nothing left. I stripped him of his money, power and influence. Then his life was taken from him along with his hardened heart and the arrogance that kept him pursuing My people. This is happening now as I speak. Your enemies have hardened their hearts. They have refused to repent and have kept pursuing their plans against you and the Nations. I, the Lord, am causing great confusion in their camps. I am destroying their power, their influence and taking all they had in their possession, removing it completely.

 Renew your minds with My Word. Come fellowship with Me. I will heal, restore and set you free from your adversaries control over you. Nothing will be the same. no, nothing. It will all become new in the year of 2022. This year will be great so start speaking My Words. Start using My Authority which I have given you. Great Victory, Great Wealth, Great Power, Great Glory, Great Miracles and Great Harvest is about to pour down on this Earth.

For your enemies, the days of Hammon, the days of Nebuchadnezzar, and the days of pharaoh. Yes, all of those against My children have the same fate. Nothing new, just different times and names but the same devil behind them all. A cleansing in this hour in your lands, your homes, your finances, your families, and your churches. Yes, a great cleansing of what the evil one has done to you.

Great joy will spread throughout this Earth. A perfecting of My body. A time is coming when you will be without spot or wrinkle. So get excited, My children. Your days of overwhelming joy, blessings and glory are about to hit your houses. I am reversing the damage that was done to your bodies. Yes, I am restoring all which your adversary has done to destroy you physically, mentally and financially. I am filling up your bank accounts, especially the tithers of Almighty God. Get ready for the Blessing Explosion in this hour in the year of 2022. Get ready to celebrate as deliverance is here, and it is yours, saith the Lord.

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