Posted Sept 6, 2022        

These are times where Satan is trying to bring chaos to our emotions. But the word that I got today was “confidence” and the scripture that I got is Hebrews 10:35, which says, “Don’t cast away your confidence which has great reward.” “Recompense of reward” is how the King James Version says it.

Satan is trying to demoralize and bring disappointment to you. I see that he’s sending thoughts into your mind that things are never going to get better, that your finances are never coming, that things will not change, that that child will not be saved. There were times where I’ve had disappointments and thought that things were going to go one way, but they didn’t and it was demoralizing. But the thing is that we’ve got to be very conscious of our thought life and cast down imaginations that are coming against us. The Lord would say, “Know this. I have given you great authority over all the works of the enemy.” Don’t let Satan put you in a place where you begin to believe lies about yourself, lies about your friends, and lies about your destiny. Satan is the father of lies, but the Lord says, “Be confident in this thing: the things that I have given for you to do, the plans I have for you are going to come to great fruit.” So, though the visionary waits for it, God’s going to bring you through.

I know this is so simple, but sometimes I have to think, “Am I confident that God is going to help me? I know He loves me. I know He’s working. But is my confidence sure?” And I want to say to you: make your confidence in God sure! Come back to that place where you know that you know that He is fighting your battles and that He’s surrounding you with His love. That’s the word for today. Keep your confidence!

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