We are just a few days into the new Hebrew month of Elul.  

This month means that the King is in the field.  Through most of the year, a king would live in his palace, protected by armed guards and iron gates.  To have an audience with the king, you had to make an appointment, learn palace protocol, and dress correctly.  You were then ushered through layers of security into a magnificent palace.  Entering into the throne room was intimidating.  You had to be very careful what you said and did because the king was on his throne.

But one month each year, the king left his palace and went out among the people.  He set up his royal tent in a field near town, and all who wanted to see him were welcome.  This is a month where God is especially accessible to you and surprises you with His presence [wherever you are, in the midst of whatever you’re doing].

Elul is the picture of Jesus’ earthly ministry based on John 1:14 which says: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

The word dwelling is actually the word for tent or tabernacle.  In Jesus, the king of the universe left His palace and came to tabernacle among us.  He lived here in our field, in a tent of mortal flesh.  For 33 years, the King was in the field on earth.

God wants you to know that the King is in your field today.  [The book of Ruth is another example of the King in the field who takes notice of you and gives you provision].

God is also saying that He has supply for you:  This prophetic decree came forth on August 28, 2022 from Chuck Pierce’s Prophetic Team: Father, we say to our supply lines, “Unlock in Jesus name.” Father, give us a new vision to see the pipelines that you already have in the field [for us], in Jesus name. Father, we declare our pipelines and our supply lines are coming forth in Jesus’ name.


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