June 6, 2021

Do you know how I fight My battles? says the Spirit of God. I fight them with the Spirit of Truth.  It is My truth that shall set a nation free. It is My light that shall shine [even] as the fireworks light the skies before your days of independence.  [On July 4th] and even after [that day], there shall be great displays because celebration is in the air and [celebration] shall be upon the land, says the Lord.

Do you know how I fight the battles that you have been in that [have caused] some of you to lose [hope] and give up the spirit of faith?  The Lord says, I fight by exposing and revealing things in this day and in this time that will shock the earth!  

It is not the virus that [certain politicians, business, and world leaders] fear, for they had their hands in the making and the manipulating of a virus to seek to reset the globe and to control the governments, the currency’s, and to control the people.  For many hands were involved and these hands shall be brought to the place of light and truth.

Therefore, watch what begins to happen as I will reveal and unmask, and I will show the earth the traction, the trail, the handshake, the deals, and the agenda. For it is My unmasking [that is coming].

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