Recently, I heard the Lord speaking over many people in the Body of Christ who have been in the depths of contending over promises that the Lord has given them for their families and households. I began to see the most violent battles taking place over these families and households. What struck me was that it was not just one battle, but battle after battle after battle.

From Blockage to Birthing

I began to see the opposition that has come against families and households and it looked like blockage after blockage after blockage, but the Lord is speaking over those of you who have experienced this that you are CROSSING OVER.Your season going forward will not be one marked with “blockage after blockage,” but it will be marked with “BIRTH AFTER BIRTH.” There is an ACCELERATION of MULTIPLE BIRTHINGS of what the Lord has been growing and what He has promised which will SUDDENLY begin to manifest. I went from seeing “blockage after blockage” to seeing domino after domino falling. 

I heard His voice again: “I have set you up for victory. I have set you up for success in Me. Yield to Me. Rest with Me. Stay close to Me. Continue to hold to My Word. Believe and see how the winds of change that have been blowing will now bring to the surface that which I have been doing behind the scenes. This is the time where you will see what happens when I roar. The enemy’s roar has been so loud in your homes, in your minds, and in your hearts, but MY ROAR is the roar that triumphs, and in multiple birthings you shall see the fruit of My ROAR.

“Renounce agreement with anything that does not align with what I have spoken. This is the time to be ferociously focused on what I have said and trusting in My goodness. I am faithful and I am going to bring forth what I have spoken with the greatest increase you have ever seen, by the power of My hand and the goodness of My heart.”

“You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what He said.” (Luke 1:45 NLT)

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