NOVEMBER 4, 2018

I recently saw great medical breakthroughs coming to the mind’s of men. The Spirit of the Lord would say this day, “There has been a great battle for the minds of men for generations as the enemy has caused great diseases to paralyze their memories and cut them off from their families in the present. These Neurological disorders in the past have left families with no hope of ever seeing their family members restored to their former selves, but there are coming breakthroughs from the medical community that will restore, revive, and resurrect the brains of those that have been damaged and destroyed. Yes I say, dementia, amnesia and encephalopathy will be defeated by doctors that I have anointed by my hand. The world will be baffled by what I will do in the days ahead as I anoint men to restore many to their beautiful minds once again. I will unlock the codes to the human brain and hope will be restored  to the masses, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease will be cured and even epilepsy will be healed. For I say to you do not fear the future for the cure will come with speed to this generation for I have not given to you the spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind. I tell you all three will be restored by my mercy and grace.

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