The storm the devil sends is an attack that is designed to stop you, overthrow you, and ultimately destroy God’s purpose for your life.

When Jesus was in the boat with the disciples, a great storm arose that threatened their lives. They were experienced fishermen, yet this was a type of storm they had never encountered before. Jesus arose and rebuked the manifestation in the wind and the sea, and there was an immediate calm (Matthew 8:26).

Jesus challenged His disciples, “Where is your faith?” Jesus spoke to the wind and waves and they submitted to His voice. Find the word that God is giving you in the satanic assault and speak to the situation. His word is sufficient to overcome the devil.

Jesus talked to things—to trees that did not produce and to spirits invisible to the human eye. Thoughts are “things” when they take on the power of fear. Disease, financial attack, theft and violence are all works of Hell. Speak what God says and watch Heaven back up your utterance.

God is present in every storm, and each storm will be made to fulfill God’s word over your life!

“Fire, and hail; snow, and vapor; stormy wind fulfilling His word.” (Psalm 148:8)

The Holy Spirit knows the way through every storm, and He is inside of you. God will never leave you or forsake you to the stormy elements; the elements must yield to Him.

Storms are common to man, but you, my friend, are an uncommon vessel. The hardships you come through become a testimony to others. You are a storm-riding child of the most high God.

You can count on this: no matter the cause of the storm, we have a faithful Father who redeems the story!

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