The Spirit of the Lord says this day, “Fear not, My children. Fear not in an hour where you will see much shaking; in an hour where I the Lord thy God will shake the foundations of the White House; in the hour where I the Lord thy God will split the leadership in Australia; in an hour where I the Lord thy God will cause an unexpected fall in the states, including California,” says the Lord.

Since this prophetic word was given on September 25th, Reuters reported on October 1, 2021 that the premier of Australia’s biggest state economy New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, resigned over a corruption investigation.  Now the Transport Minister and the Deputy Premier in New South Wales have resigned also.

“For I the Lord thy God will not be mocked in this hour. I love My children. I am long-suffering, but the time has come where the balances must be weighed; where there must be a reckoning. For,” says the Lord of hosts, “I have allowed, in this hour, these things to take place. I the Lord have allowed them in order to bring to the forefront the plans of the enemy, and to expose them and shine a spotlight on them.

“In this hour, I the Lord shall magnify down to the depths of the tiniest details…that are going to make a huge impact and that are going to hit the enemy’s camps, for I am going to move My Spirit across this country, for I shall be the dividing line in this hour; I shall be the two-edged sword.

And,” says the Lord thy God, “I shall put the enemy’s camp on the run, and those that have chosen to serve him and those that have chosen to openly lie and deceive and challenge My sovereignty. I shall cause them to fall. I shall cause them to fall into their own trap and net that they have set for My children.

“For I the Lord thy God am going ahead of My children in this hour. I shall march ahead of them. I shall give them the instruction. You shall march. You shall speak in faith. You shall watch, in this hour, the walls that the enemy has attempted to prop up, keep up, and erect (in order to try to protect the most precious part of his plan), come down. But I the Lord thy God am going to split those plans; I am going to gut them. I am going to go in and do the biggest purging that this country has ever seen,” says the Lord.

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