Posted August 19, 2022


For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to:
Proclaim your freedom.
Proclaim your deliverance.
Proclaim your healing.
Proclaim your wholeness.
Proclaim a sound mind.
Proclaim more than enough.

You may be asking how, Lord, can we proclaim these things when it doesn’t seem true or how we feel is the exact opposite? My children, you need to proclaim it until you believe it, and then you shall receive it.

Deliverance, freedom, wholeness, abundance, soundness of mind, and health- all of these things are yours already. Even though you can’t see or feel them doesn’t change the fact that this is true. The price has been paid for, and you just need to believe it, then nothing your adversary does can take these things from you.

Tell your adversary to get off and to let go of the things that are yours. That thief can no longer rule, reign, or steal things away from you when you know the truth.

Know the truth today. Receive and believe the truth today. Jesus has already won, and your victories are already guaranteed, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Watch! Another news anchor will walk away; it may appear like. They think they can hide from what is coming, but they can’t because the truth is coming. So is judgment for the ones that forced the big lie upon this Earth and this Nation.

A former president is about to die. Jimmy Carter’s days are running out.

Sidney Powell is about to be in your news. Something has been held back for a certain hour, and that hour is drawing near to rip the big lie apart. It will not stand, and it will not continue, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Watch! Another monument is about to fall, and it will make national headlines.

Another leader of a nation is about to resign. Watch as they all start to fall or step away. And some will even die. I told you, My children, I am cleaning house all over this world of the rats, snakes, thieves, and liars. I am removing them all.

Again, I say watch the waters. Many things are about to take place, and many things are about to be seen. I have destroyed your enemies with water before, and I can do that again. Many things have taken place in the waters, and I will expose and destroy it all by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts.

You are at a very pivotal point in history, My children. Sudden changes are about to be seen and felt for your good. A great time of celebration is about to take place. So start to celebrate, My children. Your enemies are about to surrender, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

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