Posted August 10, 2022


We have asked God to shake loose the evil in our government and nation to expose and cleanse.  This continues to happen with remarkable speed. 

It seems that all stops have been pulled out by those who want to completely transform our nation into something other than what we were created to be. They seek to distort our history, remove time-honored moral standards, take over our government and silence the Church. 

We must continue to pray for the lights to be turned on and the evil to be dislodged. We must also ask God for grace to protect us as it occurs – that Haman’s gallows be used for himself, not the innocent. We must pray that all explosions be implosions…the debris falling inward. And yet, we must cry out that nothing stops the ‘exposing’ and ‘draining’ of the stagnant, putrid swamp. May the odor become so offensive/unbearable that Americans appeal to Heaven for mercy. We must ask that this wake-up call, which is becoming one of the loudest in our 246-year history, finally be answered by common sense, patriotism and zeal.

Then God will send His fire.  Hebrews 12:29 in the Message Translation says this:  For God is not an indifferent bystander. He’s actively cleaning house, torching all that needs to burn, and He won’t quit until it’s all cleansed. God Himself is Fire!” 

 Evil is about to boomerang back on the workers of iniquity and evil in our land.

Finally, the Lord is saying:  “Batten down the hatches, for a great wind is coming. It will blow the chaff out from the wheat in order to put the wheat in My barns. A time of great shaking – a strong winnowing is coming. The chaff will be blown away in the strong wind. The time of separating has come. My cup of wrath grows full, even to the brim. 

“Those who have thought themselves so clever will discover their utter folly – their utter foolishness. The first ‘tricklings’ of the avalanche have begun – so minute, many have not yet noticed it. Others who are on watch see its beginnings but cannot fathom the magnitude and scope of its ruin. The downfall will be great. It will cause many to turn and repent. For others, they will only go farther into their sinfulness, cursing Me with even their last breath.

“It’s ‘sheep and goat’ time. Those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved; the others will go to condemnation. Each one may make his choice. I would that all would be saved – but each one makes their choice.”

Keep praying, Church. Heaven is responding.




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