[Edited] Posted May 15, 2022

The Lord says: I have watched, waited and laughed from My throne.

Hell has spoken and said, “Why is the Son of God so quiet?”

The Lord says, Listen carefully.  I have refrained and held back for a season.

I shall prevail over the enemies that have thought they could steal the freedoms.

Global freedom shall counter that which has come by way of socialism [and globalist agendas].

Your enemies have sought to attack your bread, to cause shortages, and attack your water [like they did in the days of famine in Elisha’s time].

The enemy has said, “If we cannot stop abortion, we will look to other means to attack the children of this day.”

[Bloomberg News reported on May 27, 2022 that the baby formula shortage took a turn for the worse, causing a 70% rise in cost.  Houston, Texas was nearly out of all baby formula with 90% of the supply gone.}

The Lord says, “Do you think [your enemies] shall prevail?

I raised up a prophet Elisha who spoke in a time of famine and harshness.”

They were selling donkey heads, eating dove dung and boiling the water to kill the babies (2 Kings 6:25-30).

But the Lord says, “This time tomorrow things will begin to change.

There shall be great heat in the earth.  Record temperatures will continue to arise.”

But God will do the opposite and begin to cool things down.

Your enemies think they will have their reset, but it will be My reset, says the Lord.

Media will be shaken greater. Different networks will begin to arise.

You will see in the natural, the visible signs of the sound of the feet of God [moving in the nations].

The sound of thunder, Great displays of lightning.  Watch what the lightning strikes.

[Fox News reporting May 26, 2022 that a fire at a home in Alabama was caused by being struck by lightning.]

Watch as an illegitimate child who fears for their life shall speak and expose and say, “This is the story that I was told never to say.”  This will be at a very high level.  A child that you thought was [the child of certain parents shall reveal the truth.]

There are those who laugh, shake hands, launder money, traffic children and exploit them.

[Your enemy is saying], “We shall create another lockdown, We shall create fear by taking away people’s liberties and threatening their health.  [Your enemy] waits for your downfall.

[Newsweek reporting May 27, 2022 that the Monkeypox 21 Day Quarantine Instituted by Germany and Belgium is already suffering backlash from people in those nations.]

The Lord says: WHO?  WHO?  That’s what you call yourself.  Your organization [World Health Organization] is a stench.

The Lord says, “Who do you think you are?  You do not know who you stand against.

They plan, they sign, they rumor, they bring fear [upon the people].

But the Lord says, “Watch how I shall gather My fists and I will smack down upon the agendas that desire to steal your freedom again.”

This is the sound of My footprint.

Look for the I AM that stands in your midst.  I will restock your shelves.  I will bless your water.

I will provide for your children.  Watch what I do, says the Lord.

You will survive.  You will be exonerated.  You will be vindicated, but those who would have thrown you to the lions shall be consumed themselves by the Lion of Judah.

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