Posted June 2, 2022


To all those who have been in an intense season of trauma and loss, the Lord is releasing a tangible sense of the comfort of the Lord, and the healing and deliverance by His Spirit from these traumas.  God is calling you to “COME UP HIGHER” to see from His perspective and lens—the LENS OF LIFE!

Trauma has caused a LID upon people’s lives, affecting every area of their lives—their physical bodies, emotional health, spiritual health, mental health and relationships [have felt shut down]–but the Lord is saying NO MORE.  Jesus is stepping into those places of trauma and bringing total freedom and restoration.  The Lord was breathing upon the very places where these traumas and losses had taken place.  These places were now becoming places of flourishing, places of life, places of resurrection life, radical recompense and rapid restoration.  The Lord is closing that door of trauma in your life.

The Lord says, “I am INCREASING your expectancy as I am breathing upon you. I am calling you up higher. Come up higher by going deeper in pursuing Me in intimacy, and go deeper in My Word to receive the revelation and panoramic view that I am releasing to you.

Not only am I removing the lens of loss, but I am also increasing your vision to SEE as I SEE. Consecrate yourselves deeper in this time to listen to what I am saying, and continue to cry out for the higher perspective—My perspective—that I am ushering you into. For in your crying out—in your desperation for Me—I am stretching you and making room for the MORE that I am releasing to you now, as I remove this lens of loss.

Today is a new day where I am delivering you into greater EXPECTANCY.  Sevenfold restoration, sevenfold repayment, and double recompense are upon you. I am delivering you and bringing you into a place of seeing what I am doing and hearing what I am saying, like never before. I am working deeply on that place of perspective and expectancy. Make room by partnering with Me in what I am doing in your perspective and expectancy, as great expanse and increase are upon you.”

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