Hello Prayer Warriors!

A loosing prayer can have the following effects:

  1. It can actually cause the physical release of a captive as in the case of someone under attack or distress.
  2.  It can release a person from sickness or disease as in the case of the woman whom Satan had bound with an infirmity.
  3. It can loose or declare the will of God to be done in a certain situation.
  4. It can loose God to move-in and change situations.  The Word of God says, for instance, that He has chosen to move into needs that we have presented in prayer.”  “He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor” (Isaiah 59:16); You do not have because you do not ask.” (James 4:2)

To sum up binding and loosing, we could say the following:

  1. Binding stops the enemy’s attacks.
  2. Loosing releases or permits God’s will to enter the situation because God has willed that His purposes be carried out by asking in prayer.

Please prayer for the following prayer points for the Eagle’s Nest Ministries:

  1. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem-Psalm 122:6
  2. Pray for the Eagle’s Nest leadership, Apostle Gary, Pastor Don and his wife Renee, Pastor Josue the staff of Janet Nichols and Prophetess Debbie.
  3. Pray for all the prayer houses and leaders, Pastor Roger and Vicki, Dean and Maria, Chuck and Bre, Pastor Don and Renee hosts of the houses, Lisa Welton, Diane Pierce and Mary Lou Cozza.   Declare favor and increase of wisdom and revelation from God.
  4. Pray for the Spanish ministry and Pastor Adolfo and Dinora strength and grace.
  5. New converts and souls for the Kingdom.  God would draw the unsaved to the alter.
  6. Finances for Eagle’s Nest to have the windows of heaven to be open above all givers.
  7. Invite the Holy Spirit and Glory of God’s presence in each service at church.
  8. New Building for Eagle’s Nest with excellent location and favor with owners.
  9. All ordained ministers of the Eagle’s Nest are covered in God’s love and grace.  Also, God will provide for all families and ministry needs are meet.
  10. Miracles, Signs and Wonders.
  11. Unity, of the Body of believers at Eagle’s Nest and new freedom and liberty of God’s spirit.
  12. Businesses and new businesses God is raising up to be blessed with overflow of wisdom and grace.  Successful strategies.
  13. Opportunities to have outreach ministries to the poor and needy.
  14. Pray for the Board of Directors of Eagle’s Nest, Richard Rhorer, Pastor Roger Smith and his wife Elaine and their families.
  15. Pray that God would bring more faithful, helpful servants for our house.(Eagle’s Nest).
  16. More doors to be open in 2015 for new conference meetings and speakers to fulfill vision of the house.

During the month of January join us [Eagle’s Nest Ministries] by fasting on Monday’s.  Drink water until 6:00pm and then you can have a meal after that.  Continue to fast and pray(Mondays only) for the whole month until Dr. Gary leads to different fast’s.  It will be exciting to see the results, as God’s hand moves on our prayers and catapult’s each of us to a new atmosphere and level of insight and foresight.

Looking forward to many awesome miracles, signs and wonders to come alive!


Cheryl Winterton

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