MARCH 18, 2021

…I stand against every evil spirit that has come against you. I command every demonic spirit affecting your life to come out right now in the mighty name of Jesus.

I decree and declare that anyone that has been employed by the enemy to set you up, commissioned by Satan to destroy your character, sent to block your favor, called to divert your blessing, is dethroned by the power of the Most High. Every pit that has been dug for you will backfire upon them.

I prophesy that this is a year of Open Heavens with open opportunities, and open doors! You will no longer look to the past to predict what is about to come, those days are gone for good. What is happening now will produce beyond anything you have encountered in the past.

God is stretching out his mighty hands to open the heavens over your life. The open heavens are opening your eyes to see an end to lack, rejection, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and demonic harassments.

I decree and declare all of the failures, sicknesses, and shame are being washed way in Jesus’ name. Every generational curse disturbing you is scattered and destroyed. The days of pain, sorrow, weeping, stagnation, devastation, and struggle have come to an end! I prophesy the days of open heavens will begin.

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