…I had a vision and I saw the Lion of Judah and He was ROARING loudly. As He was roaring I could hear a word resounding in His roar and it was the word:  RETURN

As I was listening to this word being decreed in the atmosphere every part of me was filled with the authority of this COMMAND. By the Spirit the understanding was given to me of what the Lord was speaking:  RETURN UNTO ME

There is a call to RETURN to focus upon Him. There is a call to RETURN to first love. There is a call to RETURN to simple devotion and adoration of Jesus first and foremost. I could feel His heart calling His people BACK TO HIS EYES! Back to the fiery blazing gaze of first love. Many have faced so much distraction in this hour and the Lord is calling forth a RETURNING unto Him. As He roared His conviction, His love and His grace was calling and wooing His people back into a deep place of burning adoration for Him. There was no condemnation, it was repentance. It was a beautiful turning. I saw in this RETURNING there was a CASTING OFF of the distraction, there was a CASTING OFF of idols, there was a CASTING OFF of weight, and an invitation to dive deep into the river of His grace and go deeper into His heart again. The first love fire was being kindled again. There was a radical abandonment to Him again and fiery revival of His love and wholehearted consecration unto Him that was increasing.


The second meaning of this strong command to “RETURN” came to me and Proverbs 6:31 resounded all around me.

“But if he (the thief) is caught, he must pay back seven times what he stole, even if he has to sell everything in his house.”

When the Lord roared that word “RETURN” it was a decree in the spirit of recompense, it was a decree of restitution, it was a decree of divine payback, it was a decree of the re-establishing of what was stolen, and an establishing of more than ever before. It was a crossover into SEVENFOLD!

ALL and MORE being restored BACK to God’s people. I heard the Lord say:

“What has been stolen has not gone unnoticed. Divine justice is upon you and you shall see SEVENFOLD return. Where there has been such intense thieving, these areas will see swift sevenfold return.”

He then spoke again: “There is an end to the pain of the intense season many have faced with what feels like a constant thieving. It’s now time for the rapid receiving.”

Can you hear His Roar? Can you hear the ROAR OF RETURN? He made a way for YOUR RETURN unto Him, and He made a way for you to receive SEVENFOLD RETURN.

Stand in faith, believe, lean into His Roar, REST in His ROAR, it’s time for RETURN!!

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