Posted July 30, 2022


For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to rejoice even when it seems like you should do the opposite. Your enemy, right now, wants you in fear. He wants you to believe his lies. He wants you to quit and give in. He wants you to give up on your victory, so he can defeat you when he doesn’t have that right unless he can deceive you out of what is already yours. He wants you to become complacent and lazy in your faith so you won’t fight him back. Your enemy wants you this day to completely give in to his tyranny.

Don’t let your enemies have something that doesn’t belong to them. Freedom belongs to you. You are the children of the Most High God. Stop living underneath your privileges as My children. Stop your adversary from controlling and manipulating your lives.

Lord, how do we do that? Get to know Me more. Get in My written Word, which is truth. It will set you free and destroy the mindset of defeat. It will destroy all deception and your enemies’ control over you. He lost all control over you that day on Calvary.


My Glory- ask for it, My children. Ask for more of Me, and you shall receive. Ask, and it shall be given unto you. These are your days- great days filled with miracles. So rejoice because of what the Lord has done. Never back down. Never give in. Receive what is already yours, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Harvey Weinstein: this name will be in your news. There is so much more to this story. You will hear it all and all who are connected to him. They tried to hide and bury the truth, but it’s coming to an explosive place, My children. The people who are named and this dirty underground world will shock the whole world. Harvey is just one of the many connected to the Hollywood elites and the many in your fraudulent government, along with the world leaders. It’s all coming out, and it’s all coming to an end, saith the Lord.

A senator is about to fall to a major scandal, and one is about to die. I told you, My children, judgment is hitting their camps with no end in sight. This will be just the beginning of the many who are being removed from their places of power, saith the Lord.

A Resistance has begun in a state near you. Watch the states. Oh, United States, a uniting has begun. Your enemies have pushed too far and too much, and now finally, more people will begin to rise up and fight back, saith the Lord.






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