Posted June 28, 2022


Recently I had a vision and I saw many in the body of Christ that have felt stuck like they have been in chains recently and for many different reasons they felt like they just can’t move forward without hindrance.

I saw many feeling like they had heavy chains around their feet and even if they took one step forward, they were then pulled ‘ten steps back’. I saw many have become really tired of the constant “to-ing and fro-ing”. 

They were crying out to the Lord for freedom, they were crying out to the Lord for these chains that were hindering advancement to be removed. Chains of disappointment, chains of loss, chains of attack, chains of trauma, chains of fear, chains of anxiety, chains of hope deferred, chains of words spoken over them, chains of lies believed, chains of pressure of circumstances and the list went on. But this ‘list’ of things that have tried to hinder their advancement was NOTHING to Jesus. 

As He approached them– the closer He got, the chains began to shake, they began to rattle. These chains could not remain in His presence. His Glory, His power, His NAME began to see these chains begin to lose their hold. JESUS STEPPING IN changed EVERYTHING. Encountering Jesus brought such freedom and deliverance. Deep, deep things were taking place in that moment.

As they violently shook and as they were about to shatter off, I saw Him place His hands around them and remove them. As the chains hit His hands they SUDDENLY TURNED. They suddenly turned into TELESCOPES. 

He then spoke “The very areas where advancement has been hindered, CLARITY and INCREASE OF VISION is upon you.”

Not only were the chains that hindered advancement, broken, but a huge increase of clarity was being released. It was not only a restoration of vision and clarity, but it was also an EXTENSION of clarity. I began to see many looking through the telescope and the words “TUNNEL VISION” surrounded me. I knew the Lord was speaking about flint like focus on Him (Isaiah 50:7) and upon what He is speaking (Matthew 4:4) and as His people locked into the “tunnel vision” upon Him and upon His voice and looked through these telescopes they could see FURTHER than they’ve seen but also as they looked through the telescope the end of the telescope suddenly began shifting. It was precise sharp vision to see the details, and then the lens would extend and almost stretch and they could then see a PANORAMIC view. 


This PANORAMIC view saw the Lord revealing to them new lands they were about to enter into and pioneer. This PANORAMIC view also saw the Lord revealing to them lands that they would now occupy that they knew were theirs but finally they would ‘take’ and they saw that the land was actually so much bigger than they realised it was. I also saw lands with HUGE WELLS and the Lord was releasing revelation to His people to unlock the wells in these new places, spaces and assignments. 

Resurrection power is landing upon them and it’s time for a powerful divine comeback. 

What has hindered your advancement is being shifted, it’s being broken, it’s being removed and you are entering into a depth of clarity and vision that is deeper than you’ve been in before. It’s time to RUN with the vision and RUN with NEW VISION in Jesus name.


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