Posted Oct 7, 2022

“God’s purposes are coming together in supernaturally accelerated ways. Promises, dreams, visions and prophecies are surging into this moment. God invites us to participate in His purposes through prayer, faith decrees, worship and embracing who we truly are: sons and daughters of God possessing Kingdom authority to reign with Christ in this life, as Paul said in Romans 5:17.

“Recently, Holy Spirit spoke to me, ‘Now begins a merger of the earthly and heavenly realms of Christ’s spiritual Kingdom in ways and levels never before seen. This merger will accelerate a new-era Pentecost. Power and Kingdom authority will be seen on Earth as never before. I’m merging the Kingdom of Heaven with Earth and pouring out My Spirit in far greater measure. I am giving you assistance I’ve given no other generation. I have prepared you to work with My angels at levels no other generation has experienced.

God commissions these angels into the earth realm to assist His people. They empower the decrees of the Ekklesia, striking God’s enemies with His lightning-like power.  “Mighty angels are here to help us silence demons and disrupt their influence. They will expose wicked communication and tear down strongholds in government, education, media, big tech, arts and entertainment and religion.”


Prayer From Dutch Sheets: Lord, we pray for an outpouring of Your Spirit on our sons, daughters and grandchildren. We pray that a Jesus movement greater than any before would begin to sweep across America and throughout the world. We bind lying spirits assigned to generate evil communication.

You have sent Your angels to help us win a great harvest. Our children will sing Your songs, dream Your dreams, minister under the anointing of Holy Spirit and be mighty members of Your Kingdom. Hell will not stop this. We pray that Your angels would activate and empower this across the world. It is time! We pray for an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit that will bring light into the darkness. Let it accelerate according to Your plans.

We decree that Holy Spirit is being poured out in great measure and power, producing unquenchable fire and world-wide revival.

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