POSTED October 16, 2022

I heard the Lord say “EXPECT THE RAIN” and then I began to see the rains of His Spirit raining down on the garden of our hearts and NO part of the heart was left untouched.

“The rain is coming and going to begin falling In each area and not only revive every area of the garden of your heart, but bring refreshment, new life, expansion, new growth and fruit that you have never seen before.”


“As My rain falls, healing will come”

“As My rain falls, fruitfulness will abound.”

“As My rain falls, refreshment will come.”

“As My rain falls, trauma will be washed away”

“As My rain falls, outpourings of joy, peace, encounter and ease will reign.”

“As My rain falls, exponential growth and life will abound.”

“As My rain falls, creativity will explode.”

“As My rain falls, revelation will pour out and you will hear My voice like the sound of many waters.”

“As My rain falls, weariness will be washed away.”

“As My rain falls, ALL effects of the previous season and this season that have stolen and hindered will be removed.”

“Many have lived In the contending position like Elijah for so long, now you are in the birthing position and the time of rain. The drought no longer remains.”

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