June 5, 2019

Change is coming!  Change is coming to your body.  Change is coming to your family.  Change is coming to your congregation.  Change is coming.  Great change is coming.  Change is coming to people you don’t think will ever change.  Miracles are coming.  Anointings are about to increase.  Gifts are going to sharpen up and go to a higher level.  Change is coming to Millennials.  Change is coming regarding money, too.  Provision is coming.  Poverty will be broken off this year.  Your provision is on the way.  This is the hour that the faith giving and the alms-giving and the faithful stewardship of individuals where you see that God has not forgotten.  He says, “I was keeping track of every penny, and this is the hour I visit you based on your prayers and your giving.”

Chuck Pierce

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