POWERFUL Excerpts from Apostle Dale Mast’s book, Two Sons And A Father: Your Father, Your Inheritance

If you entered a bank to receive a loan, the application process would be shortened, if not totally disregarded, if your father were the owner and president of the bank.  You would not be subject to all the guidelines and requirements set for others, because you would have exceeded them—not neglected them.

The loan would now be based on the fact that you are his son, and your specific request and purpose, subject only to your father’s wisdom.  It would be limited by his net worth—not your ability to pay back the loan.

As Christians, it is easy for us to comprehend that we are God’s children, because we view our salvation like our spiritual birthday.  We experience numerous birthday celebrations with gifts given and received every year, so it is easy for us to expect blessings now and then from God.

An inheritance occurs only once or twice in our entire life.  Some of us never experience it.  Therefore it is difficult for us to think in terms of an inheritance as we view our journey and destiny.  We become content with blessings, limiting our future.

If we do not see God as our Father we will not even expect an inheritance or factor in that huge advantage as we approach Father God with a specific request concerning our life needs.

There are many hurts in life with fathers-people in authority.  We tend to approach God more like an all-powerful detached banker, instead of our father who owns the bank and truly desires to meet our life goals and desires.  We come to Him seeking a blessing—not our inheritance.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just limited.

We often list our accomplishments and solid track record to impress Him—trying to break the reluctance we have projected on Him to have our requests granted.  The enemy has blocked our ability to see the entire favor we already have.  The application for approval focuses on our faithful labor over time to gain a corresponding blessing like an employee seeking a bonus or a raise.

We are not coming as a son, expecting an inheritance.  We are coming as an employee desiring a blessing.  We will normally receive what we believe, not what we need.

A vice-president of a multi-billion dollar corporation does not have same access to the assets of the corporation as the president/owner.  The son can never expect to earn the paycheck of the vice-president, yet the vice-president can never expect to receive the inheritance of the president’s son.  Being a son is more important than being important.  Our inheritance would be a great point of interest—if we knew our father was wealthy.  The riches of His glory are about to flood your life.

His kingdom and everything in it must be received as a son.  It can never be earned or achieved.  He does, however, require his sons to have a priority and passion for Him.  It protects us from making our inheritance the focus of our heart—an idol.

A child is always a son, but a son is no longer a child (Galatians 4:1-2).  Until we become of age spiritually-as a son-we do not have full access to our inheritance.  When we become children of God, we are no better off than slaves concerning our inheritance.  We own it all—but we have limited access to it.

It is impossible to reach our destiny on this earth without accessing our inheritance.  Many Christians are “slaving away” because they refuse to come to Father God for their inheritance.  This is an acceptable form of rebellion for many believers—we call it “being responsible.”  The fallacy is that our focus is on ourselves.

Children are lovingly provided for by their father who meets their every need—while they are maturing.  Sons have access to their inheritance for kingdom destiny assignments and blessings.  Children have faith—sons are given authority.

The maturity of our relationship to Father God and our appointed time give us access to our inheritance.  The maturity will not allow us to abuse it, misuse it or forget it.  The stuff of our inheritance can be gained by a request as a son, but without the Father’s presence we have not obtained a true inheritance.  The who is greater than the what.

The God dreams we have must be funded and fueled by our inheritance.  Your inheritance is crucial to your life on earth.

Asking is the privilege of sons—an authority hidden from orphans.  Orphans beg—sons ask.  Sons live in the revelation that Father God gives an inheritance upon request.  God so loved the world that He gave.  Father God is a giver—mankind is an earner.

Are we ready to utilize our kingdom inheritance?  It is released to those with kingdom plans.  Until your God dream has plans, it is not yet a vision.  Provision is given to planned vision.

Our faith can obtain an inheritance that our present maturity cannot maintain.  Ask the prodigal.  Not every portion received is a certification of our maturity.  Some inheritance portions are given are a tremendous opportunity given by the Father inviting us to the next level with instructions to help us grow.

Our prayer list is often our problem list.  It is instinctive to pray for existing problems.  It is unnatural to pray consistently, strategically, and purposefully over our dreams—but it is very necessary.  Our prayer life sets vision in our thoughts and dreams in our hearts—giving us the ability to creatively enter our destiny.

A son trumps every other title of importance.  Who you are to Him is greater than who He makes you to people.

The spirit of insignificance fuels pride.  If we cannot overcome it, we must create value based on personal performance or personal promises.  It is the heart of religion; a belief system based in man’s goodness.  It produces a critical attitude.  It has the same effect as standing in quicksand—the more we do, the deeper we sink.

The religious spirit begs as an orphan, or demands compensation as a striving employee. 

Anger and judgments against Father God are huge blocks to receiving a godly inheritance.  Ask Father God to reveal any anger or judgments residing in you that are actually against Him.  The enemy will try to hide it from our eyes to block our ability to move forward into our destiny with Father God.

The debilitating orphan spirit attempts to drive us to prove our value.  Striving always ends in bitter disappointments and the enemy knows it.  God will not enter into a relationship based on what we do, but rather according to our response to what He has done or spoken.

It is important to start calling Him Father God even if there are still orphan areas remaining in our lives.  The journey towards ourFather God will shatter one area after another from our mind, spirit and identity.  We can live as a son in one area—and an orphan in another.  The more you grow as a son, the more you will become aware where the enemy has beguiled you.

The Holy Spirit cries through us to Father God—Abba Father!  His voice dismantles the orphan spirit of this world that the enemy has spoken over us.

Asking is truly a difficult task for many of us.  We prefer to do good deeds, hoping to qualify for a blessing rather than to simply ask for our Father’s help.  Godly asking is based on intimate friendship and innocent trust.

The orphan spirit deceives us into believing that we are unwanted, ignored, and unloved by the father.  The orphan spirit manipulates our mind to believe that we will be recognized and loved by our stellar, award-winning performance.  The deception increases the confusion.

Growing up as children, it did not take us long to figure out who to ask for what.  There were certain things we could get from our Dad and other things we could get from our Mom.  Grandparents were more likely to give us gifts on visits, but parents did better on our birthdays and Christmas.  Certain friends would give us what our parents didn’t want us to have.

We learned how to get what we wanted from different relationships.  There are principles in this system as we face life that can be helpful, but it also creates problems.  We now know how to get what we want when it is not His will, way or timing.  We also have sources apart from Our Father and His direction.

The prodigal teaches us that our inheritance is more than possessions; it is our Father and the provision for the vision.

If we stop living in His presence, the spirit of rejection will return.

If we disconnect from our Father God, we will attach ourselves to a substitute father who will not meet our needs.

All of the prodigal’s friends treated him as he had treated his father.  They only wanted what he had—not him.  When they took what he had, they left him—the same way he treated his father.  As the prodigal devalued the relationship with his father, so did all of his “friends.”

The level of honor we give our father and mother in every aspect creates our future, forming and affecting every relationship.  It empowers or limits every endeavor in our lives—even if they are not alive.  We can change the level of honor we give to our parents at any time in our life.

Honor is not agreement, nor approval.  It is an attitude required by Father God of all children that carries a special blessing and a promise of long life.  It is a core heart issue—and our Father knows it.

The prodigal said, “I will arise.”  To move from a famine season into a new season of your life, you must arise.  You cannot arise to a higher place without choosing to return to the Father or coming closer to the Father.  He is the source of your new season.

The closer you are to the Father, the more elevated your next season will be.  The Father has a higher level for you to live.  You will access it by Him and through Him.  We must move where we have chosen to live and live where He has chosen to bless us—living as sons in His presence.

Arise from where you are living and enter a new season.  Declare—speak the transition—to activate the shift.  “I am arising—returning to my Father!”

If we do not honor God as our Father, it will not go well with us.  If we honor Him as our Savior, we are saved.  If we honor Him as our Healer, we are healed.  If we honor Him as the Prince of Peace, we will have peace.  If we believe He cares for us, we will not take on false responsibility.

But when we honor Him as our Father, things go well for us.  “Things” carry a large level of inclusions.  We could be saved and healed, but many things might not be going well for us.  The honor of the Father and “fathers” keeps an anointing on things in our lives.

Please enter your Father’s celebration as a favored son.  Believe Him—over your self-rejection.

The son’s repentance changed his entire assessment of everything around him.  Until the value of the father was established above everything else, he was unable to truly live as a son with an inheritance.

The prodigal was lost in his rebellion, and the older son was lost in his goodness.  Sons should be lost in their father.  Jesus stood and saw what His Father saw.  He spoke what His Father spoke and did what He saw His Father doing.  Life on earth was designed to be The Father and The Son and sons’ business.

The father gave his son the best coat, a ring, and sandals.  The coat of favor means you will be received by others.  The ring of authority anoints you to rule again.  Sandals give you the ability to do business.

The prodigal left the famine and pigs to come to his father.  The oldest son needed to leave his fields and his servants to come to his father.  The prodigal had to leave his badness; the elder brother had to leave his goodness.

The oldest became so dedicated to the fields that at some point he disconnected from his father.  This son did not understand his father’s desire for him or his brother.  He could not comprehend his father’s love towards his rebellious brother—because he did not possess his father’s heart.

He worked in his father’s fields, resenting his father and his brother.  He judged his father as a demanding master.  He treated his brother according to his judgments against his father.  Our view of our Father will determine how we treat our brothers.  If we see Him as a good Father, we will treat others from His goodness.

The child in us dreams easier than the adult in us.  The adult has better plans to accomplish the dream.  The teenager in us will dare to do it.  The adult in us will pick when to do it.  The child in us simply believes.  Each component is very important.

Any wounding in a particular developmental season of our life that is not healed can steal the strength of that season or cause us to overuse the other seasons.  Father God uses these different seasons in our life to develop multi-dimensional strengths in our heart and spirit to empower our destiny with victory.

If we are healed in every area of our life, we have greater authority and creativity.  We will also be able to flow with Father God naturally and supernaturally.  Then Satan will have no major place to block the acceleration and expansion of our destiny.

His great love has called us His children.  If we do not receive that identity, we are rejecting Father God’s love for us.  Do we comprehend the level of love that Father God has for us to call us His children?  Let it sink in very deep—past the rejection and abandonment this world has placed on us.

If we cannot enter Father God’s heart in these matters, we will never carry the fullness of His glory, nor receive our full inheritance.

Declaration:  I am a privileged and favored son, loved by my Father.  Father God, I love you and worship you with my life.  I can hear you rejoicing over me.  I am so thankful that your presence is always with me.  I am drawing closer.  Father, I am asking you for my inheritance to fulfill the destiny that you have chosen for me.  I receive it with joy.  Show me Father, how to utilize it to bring you glory.  You are mine and I am yours.

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