Posted 10/20/21:

“There shall be many twists and turns as the unexpected and unprecedented take place; as a rushing wind—a rushing holy wind—shall gust through the Supreme Court and Washington DC, blowing out that which has so desperately been turned over on the tables,” says the Lord of hosts this day.

“It is by MY power and outstretched arm that you shall be redeemed. Come unto to ME, all who are heavy laden, and I the Lord shall give you rest. However, for the wicked, it shall storm indeed. There shall be the most unusual storms in various parts of the world to confirm what I the Lord have spoken this day.

“Seismic activity—the warning before the plates move and the earth quakes…There is much seismic activity in the spirit. Rumblings shall be heard in the natural as an area of the US shall report unusual seismic activity that has not happened for some time. This will be the precursor to the ‘unusual’ that is set to take place; including unusual events in the heavenlies to confirm that your nation shall tip,” says the Lord of hosts.

Beyond the Veil

“Come, let us reason together as I show you things beyond the veil; as I am increasing those dreams and visions to prepare the people for a steep dip to come, followed by an incredible rising and soaring like the eagle,” says the Lord of hosts. You shall run and not be weary. You shall run the race. You shall press toward the mark. You shall plant the flag next year,” says the Lord of hosts this day. “You shall (lay) claim for Me, the Lord your God, the areas which I have given to you.

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