Posted October 12, 2021

I had a vision and the vision was about a pause button, but it was a fake button. 

The Lord would say to you, “Satan has convinced you that you are on pause. He has convinced you that your life is not going forward; that the promises of God are not going to come true; that you’re not going to be rescued; that things will never be different; that you’ll never get the money you need, or that you’ll never get to the place you dreamed of.”

But the Lord would say, “I want you to look again.  This is a fake pause. This is not a real pause.” [You are actually just] taking a breath and the Lord is going to propel you into your new season. 

So, Father, I just pray right now and I break the power of any mind-binding spirits – anything that would tell people that their life is just stuck and that they’re going to stay at that level for the rest of their lives; whether it’s sickness that has come, or maybe they’ve had a blow emotionally, or maybe it’s during COVID, or whatever it is. 

The Lord says,“That is a false pause. You’re not really stuck.” So, rise up again and pull yourself up in your spirit and go back and dust off the prophecies that God has given you over your life. Dust off the promises that you have and say, “Okay, God, I can do all things through Christ! I am triumphant!”

The Lord says, “If you’ll do this, you’ll find a freshness come into your life. You will find that your own soul will begin to awaken and that you’re going to be catapulted forward into your future.”

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