I want to declare that anyone that has been employed by the enemy to set you up, commissioned by Satan to destroy your character, sent to block your favor, called to divert your blessing, will receive devastating news that you have escaped into your abundance in Jesus’ name. Every pit that has been dug for you will backfire upon them.

The enemy attempted to slander Joseph, but God had singled him out for favor and promotion. The enemy pointed accusations at Daniel, but God had determined to exult him and set him over the entire realm.

I decree a powerful prophetic declaration over your life, I speak over you the power to break all boundaries and excel in all places. Every circumstance that wants to limit you is broken now, every spirit working against your destiny is condemned today.

God will put in your hand the Master’s key to breakthrough, the Kingdom keys of advancement, upgrade, achievement will be delivered into your hands in the Mighty Name of Jesus. You are coming out of the pit and prison and heading to the palace of promotion! I decree and declare that God will take your trials and turn them into testimonies in this season. Hear me today friends, don’t give up; it’s time to advance!

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