I had an incredible vision of a container of water, but it was very cloudy; it looked very polluted.  I felt like this symbolized the problems in our lives and the frustrations we’re having.  In other words, there are these things in our containers, within ourselves, that are really disturbing us.  Then I saw one drop of Blood from the Lord just fall in, and everything was instantly cleansed.

[Then] I had a picture of a house, or a household, and I saw a scripture just float from Heaven and fall into that house.  All of a sudden, everything came into alignment: relationships with husbands and wives, children, finances—everything came in.

The Lord says, “Once again, claim My word.”  Now this is simple, isn’t it?  We know this.  But sometimes, the Holy Spirit will say, “Come on.  I want you to go back to the things you know.  I want you to go back to things that maybe you used to do.”

So, the Lord says, “Make those declarations that I will supply your needs.”  God will supply your needs according to His riches and glory.  Make that decree over something terrible in your house—that all of this chaos and all these problems will work for good.

The Lord would say to you, “My Word will bring alignment into every area of your life.  My Blood will bring healing for everything that is broken.  I am bringing salvation.  I’m going to bring salvation to your finances.  I’m going to bring salvation to your relationships.”

The Lord says, “Trust Me.  Even though it seems like it’s taking a while, know this:  From the second you cried out to Me about that situation, I began to move.  I’m dealing with the free will of some of your family members.  I am fighting.  Stand with My Word, and what you say will cause a warfare with angelic hosts.”

I just see that there’s so much warfare right now.  Satan is trying to storm the gates of your home, of your life, and of your emotions; but the Lord says, “There is going to come a day when the flag of victory will go up.  There is going to come a day when healing will manifest.  There’s going to come a day when that drop of Blood just goes into that cloudy, murky water that represents the situation of your life.”

The Lord says, “You must believe what I say is true.  You must stand, and having done all, therefore, stand.  And you will see that even though there’s a wrestling with the powers of darkness, you are in the battle.  Know this:  I am the victor!  I am the victor and you will wear the victor’s crown.  You will overcome.  You’re not going to lose.  You will not be defeated, because You are My child, and I am fighting for you in your battles.”

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