POSTED JULY 29, 2021

This is what the Lord says: “I am with you in the midst of the shaking. I am with you when the wind is blowing against you and when Satan is trying to take you down emotionally.”

I just see different situations that are hitting at your emotions like fiery darts, but the Lord says, “I am going to send my wind and my shaking, but it’s going to shake off the fiery darts of the enemy.” I have this picture in my mind — a picture of sifting. You know, if you’re making a cake, you sift the flour sometimes so that the taste will be sweeter. The Lord says, “There is a sifting in your life, in all our lives right now, but it’s going to sift out the fiery darts.” It’s going to take out those wounds and those things that Satan has tried to inflict.

So the Lord would say, “At the moment, do not be surprised with the family situations, health situations, and other things that Satan is sending your way.” The Lord says, “I will turn it around for you. I’m going to make you stronger. I’m going to make you better. I will heal your body. I’m going to heal your mind. I’m going to heal your family.” The Lord also says, “Understand this: My hand is in the sifting, to take out those wounds and those fiery darts that Satan has sent against you and you will come through victorious.”Listen, God’s got this! You’re going to make it!

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