Posted On October 27, 2022

I had the word “enrich” on my heart which means:

1. To supply with abundance.

2. To adorn or decorate. (Collins Dictionary)

I saw the Lord supplying great abundance to His people. Provision was flowing in great measures. The windows of heaven were opening and great abundance flowing especially in the area of finances.

Provision is going to flow for the vision the Lord has given His people. He is taking care of things very well and you will have all that you need to accomplish what the Lord has put on your heart.

He is now putting WHEELS ON DREAMS! Dreams that have been delayed or the people of God have been waiting upon His provision to move forward, it is being released. Once the wheels are put on the dreams, get ready to zoom!! For there is an acceleration in the Spirit and as the people of God are faithful to steward what He has given them, more will be added.

Many are about to birth greater creativity. Once the doors open for those expressions of new creativity walk through them boldly knowing that He is going to birth a new creative expression of His heart through you. He is going to adorn and enrich you with such creativity that the world will turn its head. Throne room encounters are happening on a greater scale as the Lord releases these creative expressions of His heart, that carry such deep revelation of His love and goodness that [immense] breakthrough is exploding not only in the lives of His people but in the world.

The Gospel message, the love, kindness, the voice and power of God will be released in even more powerful ways through new avenues of creativity that will see an increase in harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom!!

Embrace your creativity! Do not fear! He is putting wheels on dreams!

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