From Prophetess Debbie Alexander

I had a dream where I entered into a bank to buy a house in Orange County, California.

In the interior of the bank, there was blue lighting everywhere.

I sat in an open office where there was a very thick silver computer that was imbedded into the desk. The top opened so I could see the screen. The screen appeared all digital, like what you see on Wall Street. The computer already had all my information including the settlement statement for my home purchase. [The settlement is the final transaction in a home purchase].

While I was inputting information on the keyboard, I noticed a number I input was not correct. When I went to change it, all the data on the screen went blank.

I looked around for help but there was only one person in the bank. He did not have flesh on his arms. He appeared to be a robot but his eyes looked human. It reminded me of that movie I, Robot. All the data had to be entered correctly. When he touched the screen, the data came back so that I could reenter everything with no error.

While this was happening, I kept looking around inside the bank. There were no pens, paper pads, staplers or anything like that in the bank. There were no other people in the bank either. It was a very sterile environment.

When I completed this transaction, my home purchase was complete at that moment. There was nothing else to be done; it was all paperless and seamless. I used to work for a title company, but in this real estate transaction, there were no escrow, title or loan officers involved. 

There was also a wall in the bank. This wall also had the blue light. There were inserts in the wall that would fit the size of a very thin looking IPAD. When a transaction was complete, the robot/person placed it into one of the slots in the wall.

When I walked outside, I thought, “Where am I? What year is this?” This is because even the outdoors seemed strange to me. Every building outside had the blue light around the edges of their buildings. The streets were all newly paved but everything appeared very sterile, just like it was in the bank.


In an article called The Internet Of Things In Real Estate (Deutsch July 31, 2018):

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of an ecosystem of sensors, integrated computers and smart devices that are connected with each other and a cloud to collect, analyze and evaluate data.

The term IoT thus refers to all devices that are connected via the internet and accessible via network connections and can be used in a corresponding ecosystem. IoT has already found a firm place in a large number of private households and is also indispensable in the commercial sector. Especially in the field of smart metering and building automation, there is a variety of applications. 

According to our Real Estate Benchmarking Survey, as many as three-quarters of respondents believe that the interaction with customers will change significantly. Already 73 percent of executives put the IoT on the business agenda.

With the further expansion of the technology, however, economies of scale [a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production] will take gain. Hence, the next few years the Internet of Things can gradually be integrated into our everyday lives across the board.

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