I HAD A DREAM WHERE I SAW angels were throwing something toward certain nations, cities, and regions; power stations with electric grids and gas, and power plants. I knew these places represented evil – there was a gray shadow surrounding them as if they were in a dark cloud. The angels were throwing something at these places, causing freedom to be experienced and truth to be revealed. In the dream, I was trying to see what was being thrown, but could never see it. I awakened not knowing what the angels had been throwing.

Holy Spirit’s response was, “The angels were throwing boomerangs. You are moving into days of things boomeranging back on My enemies.” The Lord says, “A Boomerang effect is being caused by My angels upon strategies of darkness, just as My Ekklesia has asked. Evil plots, plans, and schemes of dark government will boomerang back on My enemies. Efforts that were meant to destroy My plans will boomerang on those opposing Me. Plans of destruction will come back upon them, and the King’s redemption shall be seen.

Angels, in alignment with declarations of the King’s Ekklesia, are activating these boomerang strategies upon goat nations, cities, and governments. Divine reversals are now being released.

“Release the angels with your decrees,” says the Lord. “There will be reversals of powers, influence, and authority. Arrogant leaders anointed by Hell will experience My supernatural reversals of their plans. Dictators anointed by Hell will see their empires reversed. Billionaires anointed by Hell to finance iniquity will experience humiliating reversals of their wealth. Their evil,” the Lord says, “will boomerang on them.”

Supernatural U-turns are also happening.  There is even a Saul on the Supreme Court who will become a Paul.

DECREE:  Lord, we decree that the angels are releasing boomerangs at cities, governments and nations.  Rebellious people are turning and reversing alignment with Your will.  Reverse all the evil plans, plots and schemes of the enemy in Jesus’ Name.  Reversals are now being released.  Spiritual u-turns are coming.

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