Posted March 25, 2022

“A table is about to be completely turned over; the money changers are being chased from the temple; the ‘Ahabs’ and ‘Jezebels’ are being thrown out of their seats, for I the Lord have intentionally put poor council in the mouths of their advisors who shall fall on the Hill, for I the Lord have spoken it forth, and it shall be so.”

Striking the Wicked

The Spirit says, “Hear ye, O inhabitants of the earth. The Lord, this day, has declared His intentions, and the orders have been given to the Captain of the army of the Lord of hosts to go forth throughout the earth and strike the wicked, their empires, their towers, their fortunes, their treasures, their storehouses, and their lockboxes.

“I am God; there is NO OTHER. Serve Me, not man. Look to Me, not man,” says the Lord. Cleave unto Me, seek Me for answers, and I will show you and take you deeper with ME in this season. 



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