Eagles Nest Ministries joined forces with New Song Church to facilitate a powerful time with Mary Alice Isleib this past March.  We honor the revelation knowledge brought to us regarding the power of our prayers – both corporately and individually.

Mary Alice broke down in very specific detail on how to pray effectively for our nation and the nations of the world.  Her insights were power-packed and supported by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

Mary Alice has shared with us a roadmap for prayer with specific “Prayer Points” that are easy to follow – providing scriptural backing for each point.

Specific to her time with us, she emphasized “Praying for the Nations”.

Follow this link to find this and many other outlines: PrayingInVictory.com

Some other key revelations she shared included:

Renaissance of Arts:  A unique group/generation of believers is rising up.  A group that not going to look, act or resemble the way the mainstream Christian infrastructure expects.  There is brewing a breakout of the “normal” or “expected” move of the Spirit of God!

There will be a revival of signs and wonders that is going to rock our generation.

Another revelation brought forth was the need for racism to be purged from the Church.  Mary Alice shared a video link that exemplifies the need for us to recognize and irradiate all forms of racism:


We honor this Woman of God and invite you to follow Mary-Alice Isleib on Facebook: facebook.com/maryalice.isleib

Her email address is info@meetmaryalice.com

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