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If you have not seen our announcement on Eagle’s Nest Facebook page, we want our viewers to know that our beloved Apostle Gary Greenwald graduated to heaven this past Christmas Day 2023 at the age of 77.

Apostle Gary had been battling fatigue for the past few years.  He wanted rest that we hoped would lead to a recovery.  He was diagnosed as having an infection.  The doctors prescribed a series of antibiotics to get it under control.  At times, he would be better.  However, complications arose from the antibiotics.  His body was having difficulty filtering out what the doctors finally labeled as sepsis, which ultimately lead to the malfunctioning of his vital organs, and his death on Christmas.  

The important thing to know is that Apostle Gary ran his race.  

Gary Greenwald’s early life was marked with disease.  His parents were told that he had polio.  He also had encephalitis and other debilitating health issues.  He told his mother that he felt like he was a lemon.  His mother Vivian put a small prayer group together to pray for a miracle for her son, and she got one.  The hospital in Bethesda documented his childhood recovery as a miracle.

Apostle Gary was an innovator and a pioneer.  While still in high school back east, the school rejected having a Youth for Christ on their campus.  So, he went to the fire station across the street to ask if they would allow him to have Youth for Christ meetings there.  The fire station said yes and it became one of the most successful chapters at that time!

As a young man in southern California, he purchased movie equipment, rented an auditorium and placed flyers on cars, advertising free Christian movies with a salvation call at the end of the movie.  

He opened his own sign company and built one of the first signs for Trinity Broadcasting Network.  

He left his quarter million dollar sign company to enter into the ministry full-time after being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

When the Lord began to open doors for him to minister as a young man, he told the Lord, “I never want to be boring.”  And he wasn’t.  

He founded Eagle’s Nest Ministries in 1979 and ministered to hundreds, then thousands in services as well as conducting international healing and miracle crusades.  

He taught and imparted spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In services, he would do “power walks,” praying for the sick and prophesying to people.  

There are many documented miracles people received over the years that was even reported upon in newspapers.

He preached the full gospel with the use of stories and personal experiences that made deep spiritual truths both exciting and easy to understand.  

Apostle Gary used every media format from radio to television and theatrical productions to bring the message of the gospel to life.  

He authored Seductions Exposed, a groundbreaking book about the spiritual dynamics of relationships.

He ministered to individuals almost every day of his personal life, whether he was in a grocery store or a restaurant. 

Apostle Gary Greenwald stayed true to his calling and he will be greatly missed.  But, great is his reward in heaven!  

His message to you is Hebrews 2:4–You are made for signs, wonders and miracles to confirm the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ!  Eagle saints, it’s time for you to arise!

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