Wanda Alger is a frequent guest on Elijah Streams.  She is a fivefold prophetic minister and co-pastors with her husband in Virginia.  She released this word on December 4, 2022.



In the midst of worship, a vision unfolded before me: I saw a world map displayed; thinly veiled under a dark gray shadow. As I watched, I began to see little boxes pop up with question marks in each one. Representing questions concerning global issues and national crises that are spreading doubt and fear across the world, these boxes began to pop up, one by one, at various places in various sizes. I knew they stood for all the questions that have been raised about our future and our fate as people of various nations.

But as I continued to watch, I saw the Lord show up. The boxes continued to present themselves, but every time a question box popped up on the scene, the Lord stepped forward and overshadowed it. Again and again, as a question emerged, the Lord stepped forward to upstage the question. With confidence and boldness, He overshadowed every unknown that tried to take center stage.

As worship continued, I then saw Him reach behind to these questions and, one by one, place them at His feet. Looking to make sure we were watching, He showed that every one of those questions would have to submit to His Lordship. Every lingering concern about our future and every lingering doubt about His plan, that tried to take center stage, would bow at His feet – and nothing would be left in doubt. His goodness and His glory would prevail.

It was only as the vision faded that I realized – He had been smiling the entire time.

There are many questions about our past and present, as well as many unknowns concerning our future. And yet – the Lord is assuring us that He is not only greater than every question being raised, He is the answer to every unknown.

When we keep our eyes fixed on His glory and His absolute right to rule and reign in both Heaven and Earth, any lingering question is but a shadow. When we place Him center stage in this unfolding drama of epic proportions, all questions and doubts must yield to the power of His presence and His starring role in this story.

Regardless of HOW things unfold, His Word has been made clear and His plans have not changed. The nations will be saved, men will be set free, and His Lordship will reign.

Perhaps the only question remaining when the curtain comes down will be, “Why did we ever doubt?”


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