Apostle Gary Greenwald left a quarter-million dollar sign business in 1978 to start Eagle’s Nest Ministries when he received three prophetic words in two weeks confirming his call.

Eagle’s Nest Church exploded to 3,000 in attendance in 3 years with a national television ministry and worldwide healing and miracle crusades.  His Philippine crusade had 1,200,00 people in attendance.

Dr. Greenwald has two doctorates, has written “Seductions Exposed” and has a passion for activating God’s people in prophecy, healing and miracles.
God has graced Dr. Greenwald with many notable miracles including:

The total restoration of a young man’s broken neck in Pomona, California.  The young man had a halo-device screwed into his skull and in a wheelchair.  After prayer, the doctors could find no trace of the broken neck in their x-rays.

A well-known actress brought her son for prayer in Santa Ana, California.  He had a spreading muscular disease and braces from his hips to his feet.  After prayer, the son took off his braces and jumped off the four foot stage several times.  The actress gave this testimony in many ministries and on television.

Two people with colostomy bags in Brazil and Trinidad had the bags drop off after prayer, and their intestines and colons functioned perfectly.

In Norway, a man with a crushed hip from a car rolling on him was called out by Dr. Greenwald.  He walked with great pain on two walkers dragging his leg.  After prayer he walked without any limp and with no pain.  Dr. Gary was pictured in the headlines of the Norwegian socialistic newspaper.

A young man was prayed for in Stowe, Ohio, who had a fractured pelvis with a fragment broken off from a wrestling head-butt.  After prayer, the young man ran home at the end of the service.

In Trinidad, Dr. Gary called a lady out with excruciating pain in her feet and ankles from diabetic neuropathy.  The nerves were dying and two ushers had to help her to the front of the church.  Dr. Greenwald said he believed the Lord wanted her to dance.  Initially, there was no change when Dr. Gary prayed, but after she watched others being healed, her faith took hold, she jumped up, and danced all around the church.  The people went crazy with joy and dancing.

Another woman in Trinidad, (a school principal), had elephant-like swollen hands and feet from severe arthritis.  During prayer, where oil was applied, her hands shrunk to normal size and all pain left.  She also walked around the auditorium without pain.

In Santa Ana, California, parents brought their young son with a caved in jaw and face from a birth defect.  After prayer, Dr. Gary didn’t know the results until years later when the grown-up young man showed his perfectly restored face on the internet testifying that God had miraculously restored him after prayer at Eagle’s Nest years earlier.

A lady missionary/evangelist came for prayer one night in Santa Ana, California when Bishop Bill Hamon was ministering.  Her personal physician told her to fly to Texas immediately for a radical mastectomy of her breasts and lymph nodes.  He said her strain of cancer was the most virulent and fast-spreading he had ever seen and she would surely die.  Surgery would only slow the process.  Bishop Hamon prophesied a miracle over her, and Dr. Gary prayed and cursed the cancer.  When she reached Texas, on the morning of the surgery, a fire-ball of God’s presence enveloped her in her hotel room.  Just before the surgery, they took x-rays and couldn’t find a trace of cancer in her body.

In San Francisco, California, a clothing store owner came with a totally degenerated spine and was hunched over.  His wife said “wrong medications had caused the spine to cave in like a crushed coke can.”  Dr. Greenwald asked the Lord for a creative miracle and saw the Lord restoring each vertebra as he prayed.  The man suddenly straightened up totally healed and jumped up several times coming down on his backside on a padded church pew.

In Panama Beach, Florida, Dr. Greenwald prayed and prophesied over a woman sitting in the front row.  He didn’t see she had a severely deformed hunch back.  She fell on the floor under God’s power and remained there all through the service.  By the next morning her hunchback was completely straight and the pastor’s wife took her shopping to purchase new blouses and clothes for her new back.  Even her massage therapist was overcome by the miracle and wept uncontrollably.

In Costa Mesa, California, Dr. Greenwald prayed in proxy over the aunt of a young man who had been in a horrific fire causing such deep damage on his face that he needed immediate skin graphs.  Dr. Gary declared that everyone would be surprised at how God was able to restore his face.  The next day the skin graphs fell off the young man’s face leaving new skin to everyone’s amazement.

Dr. Greenwald takes no credit for all these miracles but gives the Lord all the glory for His resurrection power working through his sons and daughters (Ephesians 1:19,20).

Dr. Gary Greenwald fully believes another miracle outpouring is coming in the last days, and he wants to equip the saints (Ephesians 4:12) to be signs and wonders in the nations (Isaiah 8:18).