Posted On Dec 10, 2022

For I, the Lord, this day am asking My children, where are My warriors? Where is your faith? What do you believe is actually going on on this earth? Do you believe My Words, or do you believe your enemies’? Will you continue to stand despite what you see? It’s important, My children, to ask yourselves today- what do I trust? What is my faith in? Who do I believe? Because a great shaking is coming that will rattle this earth. My children, who have a firm foundation, will not be affected; they will not be moved. I will strengthen them and perfect their faith. That is My Will for all My children. But a great falling away will take place for the ones in the churches who haven’t been fed, who have gotten complacent, and yes, some have gotten lazy in their walk with Me. They wanted everyone else to do what I needed them to do.

Look in My Word with My people in the wilderness; not all of them made it into the Promised Land. I have said this before, and I am saying this again to the ones who are mocking My prophets and mocking My Words: get ready because a flood is coming like never before, and it’s not a flood of water, but of truth, that will turn this world right side up. You will be on the ark like Noah or on the ground like the rest of the world was when the waters came, and it was too late to get in. I am bringing this flood of truth to cleanse the earth, to free My children, to bring a change to everything you know that should have never been, that held this world and held My children in evil bondage. Enough is enough. I have said the words let My people go, and no man can stop what is coming upon this earth to free My children from this evil world government, every puppet, every pawn, every supposed world leader, their supposed laws, and their supposed governments. My children, they are not in control. I am.

I have let things happen to wake up My church. It shouldn’t have had to go on this long, but so many chose to stay asleep, to believe what they see, to believe your enemies’ lies and not My Words of truth. That is the reason for these words. That is the reason for prophetic words to go out continuously, to wake up, to shake up My children out of a sleep that was keeping them hostage. No more. There is no more time for My children to be lukewarm. Either be hot or cold because it is all coming to a close, and it’s important to be on the right side when the shaking shakes the whole earth.

My children brace for the flood of truth that will take your enemies out once and for all. The door is shutting, so choose and be prepared to stand. Fight those feelings that will tell you it’s over for you when in fact, it’s over for them. Yes, it is over for your enemies. Say it- they are finished, their world order is dead, and its hold over this earth is broken now, in the name of Jesus.

No enemy can defeat the blood of Jesus. It’s already been shed, and it’s already defeated every enemy you see today, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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