We’re about to dovetail. If you don’t know what dovetail is, it’s when you get a piece of beautiful furniture. It doesn’t have nails….He says, “I’m about to dovetail heaven and earth.” I said that doesn’t sound like a good word to me. He says, “that’s what I’m doing”. In other words, it becomes one. And he says, “I’m going to dovetail eternity on earth”.

“First I want you to understand my presence…#1. I’m about to release that in the House in a way that only God can come in and do it.” And when He does, He’ll do it. I don’t care if you’re flat on your face, He will do it! And He’s going to bring forth and the more you speak of His presence, the more the presence of God. Because it establishes the Glory which is the manifest presence of God. You go from that place to an open heaven!

Stay tuned for the “Open Heaven” portion of this Word!

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