On the night of January 20, 2022 I dreamt I was pregnant. In the dream I was a surrogate for another woman, who happens to be a real-life personal friend of mine. Ironically she was my surrogate as well. In the natural, a surrogate is a substitute, especially a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office. Most often we think of surrogates as surrogate mothers; which is what the dream depicts.

In the dream, I gave birth to a baby boy and named him Maximus. There was no labor, no pain, no travail. In fact, the baby was born inside a womb type encasement, but suddenly outside my body. It was the strangest experience to witness in a dream. One moment I was very pregnant and the next moment the baby is outside of me. Yet, those in the room knew he had been born. In that moment, I named him Maximus; which means “Greatest”.

The delivery room felt like a warehouse, everything was gray and dark. The tables we gave birth on were sleek, steel tables. Somewhat like the metal tables you’d see the deceased laying on… maybe prepping for an autopsy in a crime-drama film. There were three of these, lined up in the dimly lit room. No doctors, no staff, no buzzing maternity ward. Just a room in a warehouse with slabs for tables and a silent woman on the third table in the shadows.

My friend had been a surrogate for me, so I scooped that baby up and noticed a red streak going through her hair.  That is when I named her Clara Rose.  The third table remained occupied with another woman in labor, when I suddenly woke up.  I believe that third woman is you.  You have been laboring in the shadows, trying to birth a destiny dream.

Although I had this dream back in January, I felt prompted to release this word on Mother’s Day.  This year, it happens to fall on the 8th day of the month, which means new beginnings. So be encouraged as you hear that God is bringing you exactly what is needed for this new season and you will birth from the shadows into the bright light.

The name Clara means clear, bright, famous.  Rose refers to flower.  To me, this baby represents Creativity and The Creative. Which, I found to be wildly fascinating since the word I designated for 2022 was, in fact, Create.  You see, each year I name that year for what I feel it’s intention or purpose is.

As you learn to partner with God’s creativity, you will receive clarity [Clara] or clear vision, and this will bring about the greatest [Maximus] completion of assignments.

I believe that you are represented in this dream as the third woman. As we partner in divine alignment, we will carry one another’s destiny-dreams and actually birth them. There are many who have labored, trying to bring forth God-dreams but have not yet brought them to term or fullness. In this next season, God is raising up the surrogates. Surrogates in the spirit who will help carry and birth a dream for another. The designated ones who aid in bringing the promise to fruition and completion. Your greatest season of clarity is upon you and the ones God is aligning you with will be the surrogates you have needed to help birth from the spirit the divine purposes and dreams inside of you. The season of travail is over, as the ease of the anointing is now upon you this new day.

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