I had a vision and I saw MANY who were battle weary right now and the warfare had really worn them down and wearied them. In this encounter, I saw a weariness of soul, but I also saw a demonic attack of weariness that was attempting to bring a feeling of wanting to withdraw, [luring people into] a place of complacency.  I saw this luring coming thick and fast against many to keep them from being vigilant to be In the WORD of God.

I heard the Lord say “The battle is over My people being deep in My Word, because My WORD will bring the BREAKER.”

It is a time unlike any other to KNOW the Word of God, be DEEP in the Word of God, and meditate on the Word of God DAY and NIGHT. (Joshua 1:8) It is a time unlike any other to meditate upon the Word and FILL yourself with the Word of God.

I began to see weary saints all across the world making a decision to go deeper in the Word than ever before, to position themselves in the Word daily, meditating upon it, and suddenly I saw the fire of God falling upon them, heavily. As the fire of His presence fell strongly upon them, I saw weariness breaking off, I saw awakening taking place at deep levels and spiritual “SIGHT AND INSIGHT” beginning to BLAZE. What I was watching take place was like a form of personal revival, but it was even deeper than that.

These encounters with the fire of God’s presence were deeper than they have ever been, and the eyes of the saints were suddenly blazing with spiritual sight. Scales were falling off eyes. Clarity was being restored, but not only restored but also INCREASED.

Their hearts cry in the midst of the battle had been heard by the Father and this was a moment of encounter so DEEP that the confusion was breaking off, clarity was being restored and the awakening of the FIERCE WARRIOR was taking place.

The new lands weren’t going to be taken in the future, they were being taken NOW, and these attacks came to ‘wind’ God’s people and knock many off their feet, but the Spirit of God came like fierce wind and a blazing fire and caused a strengthening of the weak knees, with empowerment like never before to slay the giants in the new land of jurisdiction and governmental authority the Lord was leading them into. Awakened they moved forward with a deeper revelation of the POWER of the Word of God, the power of the VOICE of the Lord, and the power in the name of Jesus to see the strongholds of the enemy come down and the Kingdom of God extended in unprecedented ways.

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