I saw an aerial view of a barrage of arrows devastating the positions of our enemies.  I heard the Holy Spirit shout: “Behold the fire words of the King’s Ekklesia!  Empty the arsenals, shoot at the strongholds, and hell’s princes will fall.”  I then saw the front gate of an evil stronghold begin to fall forward.

Holy Spirit revealed that it is time for a move of God that will destroy strongholds in this nation.

[What is a stronghold?  It is defined as a place that has been fortified to protect itself against attack.  A stronghold is also a place where a particular cause or belief is strongly defended or upheld.  People can be locked up in a stronghold of lies, leading them to destruction.  Wealth is also hidden in powerful strongholds.  Evil regimes can stay in power due to strongholds.

The Lord is our strong tower; He is our stronghold from the enemy, but an evil stronghold holds people, nations and wealth captive.]

Holy Spirit revealed that it is time for a move of God that will destroy [evil] strongholds in this nation.  He is releasing “Fire Word Decrees.” 

“You are moving into the explosive area of Holy Spirit.  My Dunamis will activate prayer decrees, causing explosive energy to come forth.  You are now entering a glorious season of a Holy Spirit-planned campaign.  It will be seen and felt, invading the earth with My prevailing might.  You have seen natural incendiaries; now watch incendiaries in the spirit realm.  I am bringing fire and activating Dunamis.  You are entering a time of My kingdom fireworks.  My fireworks will explode against demonic princes, preparing the way for My Kingdom to invade the earth.  I will fuel your decrees with explosive power to demolish demonic blockades.”

“My word bombs will explode; for a season of Holy Spirit power has begun.  Angels of fire and glory will be commissioned to help finish the plans of Heaven.”

[Jeremiah 23:29 says: “Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock {of strongholds} in pieces?”]

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