“For some are looking for a word that shall affect the nation,” God says. “Yes, I have My business that I am taking care of and I’m attending to in this nation and the nations, but I have promised that not only shall I do what I’ve said I will do, but I’m going to make 2022 be about you. I will repay back, and I will cause the forces of darkness who’ve attacked My people unjustly—even at the hands of your government…” God says, “…I will release and ease the pressure, and I will remove the harshness, and I will bring an intensity of My hand of blessing that shall carry over, and they shall see in the earth that My hand is greatly upon My Church.

“For some think at this time that it is only about political maneuvering, but,” God says, “it is about raising up a glorious Church, My Church, that the gates of Hell shall not prevail over or against,” says the Living God. “Therefore, watch the intensity of blessings that shall begin to come to you and for you. Do not say out of your mouth, ‘The visions are prolonged and the prophecies are failing.'” The Spirit of God declares, “I am moving intensely to bless you, [as well as] this nation.”

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